....and that's really the most exciting part.

Today consisted of checking vacant rooms, shuffling stuff around in my office and going out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday, where I ate completely within my points for the day! Woot!

I had the crab cake dinner with the white cheddar mashed potatoes and grilled green beans and Matt had steak and lobster with the same sides. I actually didn't even finish my meal because it was so big. Also, I realized I have a slight obsession with remoulade and need to learn how to make it ASAP.

Matt is off tonight, so I'm excited we get to both be off tomorrow to be snowed in together. Granted, I plan on pounding out evals and training sessions, but I get to do it in sweatpants on my couch, so that makes it 10 times better. And I can do laundry at the same time. It's a day full of win.

Matt had been sleeping on my lap for the past 2 hours, so as soon as Parenthood is over, I'm dragging him back to bed and sleeeeeeping iiiiin!

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