Oops! Sorry about the hiatus! The snow day was great and relaxing....we even managed to shovel out the cars and get a short walk in.

Thursday was busy. I moved my office around so I didn't get settled in until late, but did get a lot done in the afternoon before the chiropractor. I was actually excited to weigh-in and had actually lost weight. I packed quickly on Thursday night because Friday was a busy day!

I went to the dentist in the morning, then went for x-rays, then finally headed into work for a few hours before leaving for the W-B! I got to Borland&Borland in time to help pack up and then we headed to dinner. It is always so good to see the Meyers debate crew. We headed home for a nightcap and bed.

Saturday: The 12th Annual Martin Luther King Speech and Debate Open Tournament. My 11th year volunteering. My responsibilities have definitely varied over the years, but I always judge at least one round and keep Sarah relatively sane. I was talking to Jack Connelly, who has been a coach forever, and I was saying something about my honeymoon. His response was "What!? You're married! You can't be married! You're still young!" He's known me since my freshmen year of high school so I guess he's seen me grow up quite a bit. It also means I've been doing forensics for almost 20 years. I love coaching and forensics...I need to find a college that has a team so I can coach and judge again! Anyway, the tournament went off really well and we were on to dinner at a relatively decent time.

Sunday was a day of REST. Slept in, had breakfast late, took our time getting ready, then went to the movies. We saw "The King's Speech" and now I want to go research the Windsor arm of the monarchy. It was really cute and very appropriate for a speech filled weekend! We did Hibachi for dinner and I ate all sorts of stuff that I don't normally eat. The first time I went to a hibachi grill, I ate the shrimp...and that was it. Last night I had edemame, noodles, scallops, shrimp, zucchini and cabbage.

I finally headed back this morning and decided to detour and surprise my parents, so I grabbed breakfast with them, hit the road and went to the office. One day, I will actually get caught up with work. I promise. And not bring it home after I go to the chiropractor. Where I cried like a baby because I'm so frustrated that I have no willpower. She said we're going to try something new. Gah, it's just so frustrating....I just want to run, eat whatever I want, and get back my fighting weight.

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