Today was a super busy day. Our new staff members were coming back, I was making changes to our programming forms, getting stuff ready for selection and having conversations about speakers for the Women's Center. I love days like this. I feel like I'm alive and I feel sooooo accomplished. I'm looking forward to tomorrow...a day full of training and then a big staff meeting! This is why I do this job...for the students. I love when they're excited to come back, I love when they have great programming ideas, I love how they roll with change (well, some of them). So even though I work like crazy, I will probably never change fields because this is what I was meant to do.

Now, on to the title of this post. I went to the chiropractor and she said she had good news and bad news. Good news is that my bones are okay, there's no degeneration or arthritis. The bad news is that it means it is muscular and therefore, harder to diagnose. Dr. Pape decided we were going to use a graston tool to break up the scar tissue in my hips at my next appointment, but today she was going to adjust me and do treatment. So I lay facedown on the table and she starts pressing on my back...and I'm in a lot of pain. She decided to do some orthopedic tests and at the end, decided I had damage to my sacroiliac joint. I had probably damaged it awhile ago and kept re-injuring it by running and doing things like P90X. It's so nice to know what is wrong so that we can get started on getting it fixed. She said that with care, it will 3-4 months to heal as long as I don't go jumping around and/or running. BUT-she cleared me for other exercise! So now I can do things like the Wii, and the yoga and arms videos in P90X. It'll be nice to get off the stupid treadmill and do something other than walking.

She also changed my diet. She knew the no carbs after 3pm thing was killing me. So the fruits and vegetable rule is staying, which has been fairly easy for me. She wants me to eat whole wheat when it comes to carbs (easy enough for me, something I already try to do) and keep my fats down. I think this is going to be easier for me. I know this weekend will be tough with Sean's wedding, but I just need to concentrate on making good choices and focusing on my fruits and vegetables. And now I should empty the grocery bags currently hanging out on my floor!

I broke all sorts of grocery shopping advice tonight. I didn't have any re-useable bags in the car, I shopped while I was hungry, I didn't have any coupons, I didn't use a list and wandered down every aisle. Which is probably why I ended up with 3 boxes of cereal. And 2 boxes of crackers. But at least I got lots of fruit to go along with it!

Ok, really going to put away groceries now. I'm going to apologize in advance for a short hiatus on posting, but I have training all day tomorrow, then we're leaving bright and early on Friday for wedding stuff all weekend. Look for a post on Monday with a recap and wedding pictures!

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