I am feeling reeeealllly good right now. This weekend was relaxing...we didn't have to travel, I only had to go to campus for V-Day stuff...it was good.

On Sunday, Matt and I had plans to make sausage and ravioli. You know, put all of our KitchenAid accessories to good use! So we went over to breakfast at Harris before we headed to the AT&T store to clear some things up with our bill and change my name on the account. After getting into an argument so that Matt wouldn't argue with the customer service rep, we got called up to be taken care of. They were able to change my name quickly and fix Matt's number so that he no longer shows up as me on people's Caller ID. Then I asked him if he wanted to look at a new phone since his was up for renewal. He has a Nokia bar phone that he calls the "hockey puck" that is an updated version of the phone he had when we met. My phone was up for renewal in May, and I had planned to throw money aside each month to buy and iPhone then. Then the rep told us that I could use his upgrade if I wanted to. So I asked Matt what he thought about getting a 3G since it was on sale for 49.00. To which he replied "If we're going to get an iPhone, we might as well get the most up to date one." So I am now the proud owner of a iPhone 4! So yeah, it's been a bit of an obsession for the past two days. Needless to say, after grocery shopping, we never made it to sausage and ravioli because Matt needed to sleep.

I didn't sleep well again last night so I was afraid today was going to drag. In fact, it was busy and exhilarating. Meetings this morning and then an awesome 40 minute bike ride while reading with the Kindle app on my phone during lunch and a productive afternoon for meetings, selection AND for V-Week. I went to the chiropractor tonight and lost another pound and got new exercises to do. With the amount of exercises I have to do, I barely have to think about working out in addition! But I will anyway, since I have a tendency to forget half of them. Then I had our most successful info session yet! I didn't have enough applications with me for all the people who attended, which was awesome! Now, the goal is to have all those people to actually apply!

I've been following the posts on Feministing and Feministe about the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. If you knew me in high school, you know I was a big supporter of the pro-life movement. I even won a local pro-life speech contest and converted this speech into a speech I used in college speech and debate competition. At Mad Hatter my freshmen year, I was competing with this speech when I had a judge who literally pulled a Roe v. Wade pin out of her bag and put it on her jacket while I was speaking. I was horrified and embarrassed and didn't understand why my ardent little Catholic speech provoked such fervor. I was clueless....and then I did research...and talked to people.....and became informed. I am still firmly pro-life. I truly believe that if there is any way a pregnancy could proceed, it should. I'm also a firm believer in adoption and would prefer that most couples looking to adopt, adopt domestically. But I also understand that sometimes that is not an option. And I am a firm believer that a woman should have a choice about whether or not this pregnancy is for her. When Roe v. Wade was passed, it was passed with the intention of making abortion safe and rare. And this could be the case, if Americans were more open about healthy and safe sexuality and abstinence only education no longer existed.

What the Republicans are proposing with this bill is akin to torture for rape and incest victims. To redefine rape in the way they are doing is going to redefine rape across the boards. So rapists who get their victims so drunk that they can't feel their body, rape and impregnate them, could then say that it wasn't rape because it wasn't "forcible." To take away this option from women is an abomination. If you feel as strongly about this as I do, I encourage you to contact your congressperson and ask that they deny this craziness and protect the rights of women in our country.

And now it's time for bed. I'm glad I wrote this post tonight. I'm still feeling good, although I'm nervous about the reactions to this post!


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