Despite my cupcake and pizza eating, sleeping in until noon and exercising by sliding down hills on my butt, I actually lost weight at my weigh-in with the chiro today. Hopefully the downward slide will continue.

Yesterday was some more sleeping in, but Matt woke up around 2pm and we went for a walk in the Arbo. The snow was gorgeous and deep and we went searching for trails that no one had walked on yet, so our walk was long!
Today was back to work and I was super productive this morning. Hammered out 3 evals, went to the gym during lunch and then we had a productive staff meeting. We're going to be busy, but it's all for the students, so that's all that matters.

The chiro appointment was good, but painful today. Because I'm still getting the pain in my hips, she's sending me for x-rays to see if it is bone related. I know it's sad, but I hope they find something so I can get to work on healing. It's frustrating to have this constant pain and not know what is causing it. The thought of carrying an extra 10 pounds on the front of my body while having these hip problems is a little terrifying at the moment.

We spatchcocked a Cornish game hen tonight and broiled it on the cast iron grill pan. It took about 10 minutes and was absolutely delicious. And I could eat half of it for 9 points! I also did green beans with garlic and almonds, sauteed in olive oil. Thanks to all my vegetables and fruits today, I still have points left, so I'm going to scrounge something up, then go watch Guster on Conan.

01/11/2011 04:21

I had to look up what "spatchcock" meant. I'm not very well versed or skilled at things that involve deboning poultry, but I do like cornish game hens. We made some recently using a recipe that involved lots (LOTS) of garlic and lemon, along with some rosemary sprigs inside the birds. It was soooo good - now I wish I could remember where I had found the recipe.


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