*sigh* I just lost an entire post that I was writing on calamari and picking a dress for my brother's wedding. So a quick 5 minute synopsis:

-I was craving calamari today and went to the grocery store after the chiropractor to pick some up. We used this recipe to broil them and ended up adding sirachi because they needed a little more kick. A picture for your pleasure:

-I'm looking at dresses for my brother's wedding in 3 weeks and I'm torn between these two:

Option #1 in pink for $39.99
Option #2 in cream for $49.99

Opinions are welcome!

Tomorrow I head to Quinnipiac to stay with Heather before we head to New Rochelle on Friday for the NEACUHO Women's Retreat. It'll be nice to have some girl time! I'm off to bed. Have a good one!

01/06/2011 04:14

I like Option #1 for several reasons.

1) It's cheaper.
2) I always like to leave the white/cream for the bride.
3) The drape of the bottom (below the empire waist band) looks like it would be more flattering. Option #2 looks like it might be a bit more clingy.

01/06/2011 19:07

I like option 2 better for the material but I'm not sure about the cream color for a wedding. If you are ordering it I would suggest ordering them both and seeing how they look and return the one you don't like.


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