Matt got me Wii Active 2 for Christmas and I decided to try it out yesterday. I had been wanting Wii Active for awhile but was super excited to see their second version come out because it involves a heart rate monitor. I strapped on the right leg motion monitor and the left arm heart rate monitor and set up my fitness profile. There's a bunch of different programs you can choose from and I chose to do the 20 day Cardio Kick Start. I put in medium intensity and it gave me a 20 minute work out that was fairly easy for me. I definitely broke a sweat, but it was no p90x. Tonight I did one of the trainer generated workouts and that one has me feeling pretty sore and I was pretty sweaty at the end. I'll definitely keep it up and see how far it takes me.

Today I cleaned the hell out of our bedroom. There were scary dustballs in that room, but they are now gone! I also went through my closet and filled two black garbage bags with jeans, shirts, sweaters, suits and dresses. There will be some very happy people at the Salvation Army. I also went through Matt's closet and took out shirts that I haven't seen him wear in the 4 years that we've been dating. He had very few protests, surprisingly. Because his bucket boss tool holder thing arrived today, I made him go through the hall closet to consolidate all his tools and get rid of the crap in there. I'm pretty sure it was the catch-all closet when we moved in. Tomorrow I'm tackling the office and finishing up the living room. Hopefully we can keep it this clean for awhile.

The chiro appointment today went well. No new eating rules, but she wants me to start walking one mile/three times a week. This should not be a problem for me. The loop is more than a mile, so I'll just walk the loop three times a week....or head to the treadmill if it's too cold.

I struggled with my eating today. I didn't take 20 minutes to eat breakfast (although I did eat, just too fast) and didn't eat again until almost 6pm. I measured out my pasta and shrimp and edamame, but I was starving 2 hours later so Matt and I made air popped popcorn and I just binged on cookies. I know I should have control and be able to say no to food like that, especially since I just made homemade hummus and cut up carrots. I can't let this be a set back; I just have to remember that tomorrow is a new day and I need to work off the extra calories.

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