Matt and I are finally back home in CT after two days in NEPA.

We headed out on Friday morning and arrived in time to help mom prepare the toppings for our Christmas Eve tradition of pizza, then get dressed and be off to 4pm Mass. The priest was highly enthusiastic and the church was packed. We really need to work on getting to Mass up here more often. It's such a calming experience...more the tradition and ritual then anything else. Anyway, then we ran to Walmart to pick up some meds for me and went home again to take ridiculous amounts of pictures in front of the fireplace (pictures to follow eventually) and then opened pajamas. Big tradition in our family that will probably continue when we have kids too. Mom has bought matching Christmas pajamas for us every year for as long as I remember. In the past years she has gone with less matching and more similar which has been good for not making Megan and I fight over what we're wearing. Lots of pizza and alcohol was consumed and then we played an epic game of Apples to Apples that Sean's fiance won.

Christmas Day was pretty awesome. Our favorite gift:

Yay for the Kindle! I've already finished one book and 3 crossword puzzles. I also got an awesome Keen tote that I can't wait to use for work/hauling workout clothes. There was also some cookbooks, new workout clothes, a new coat, a dremel tool set and Matt got me Wii Active 2!  Santa was very good to us this year. Aunt Eileen, Uncle Bryan and Mike came for dinner and Mom made the biggest prime rib I have ever was delicious even though I could only eat half of it. I'm very sad we forgot leftovers.

This morning we got up early so we could go to breakfast with Corrie and Tyler and Baby John. It was soooo good to see them. We saw them at the wedding, but didn't really get a chance to talk, so it was nice to spend some quality time with them and meet Baby John who was a complete doll. Smiling and happy and awake the whole time. Ugh....cute babies are not good for my baby fever!

The drive back to CT was interesting in that the more we got into CT, the worse the roads got. We didn't actually see a plow until we got back to campus and luckily, the Physical Plant folks were plowing our hill, which is good, since they definitely hadn't hit campus yet. I'm on call for the next few days, which seems to be a pattern for large snow storms on campus. Lucikly, very few students to worry about. The blizzard like winds on the other hand, not so cool. The large trees surrounding our house are way too close to my car if they fall down.

So the next week will consist of some deep cleaning of the apartment, making lots of food to put in the freezer (pizza dough, bread dough, pasta, wedding soup), and bringing boxes of stuff to the Salvation Army. Also lots of reading, napping and working out. I'm sure I'll be bored by Wednesday, but I still love having this week off!

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