So instead of reading twitter and lurking on TheBump and following my newsfeed on Facebook all night, I figured I should write a blog post. Rather than try and give a rundown of everything that has happened over the past few months, here are some random thoughts and updates!

-I ran for the first time in 6 months at the NEACUHO Fun Run. 2 miles in 26 minutes....sad, sad timing and again, was the last one to come in, but do you know how awesome it is to have 40+ some colleagues in your field cheering and screaming for you as you attempt to sprint in your last 1/4 mile? AWESOME. Now I know the only thing holding me back was caution. My SI joints, while sore, are nowhere near as bad as they were. Slow and steady, my friends, slow and steady.

-So I've been throwing resumes out to positions that look good for the past few months. One of those resulted in an interview in April, which was great, and then last week had 2 in a row and another one coming up in mid-July. So stay tuned, we might be starting a new chapter of our life soon!

-I did my first professional conference presentation at NEACUHO 2011 in Rochester, NY this year. I presented about Spring Give 'n Go at ConnColl and got lots of good feedback! It was also great to connect with colleagues and exchange ideas about how they do similar programs at their campuses. And I felt pretty good about much so that I'm thinking about what program proposal I can present at ACPA this year.

-I started reading Game of Thrones after watching the first few episodes of the HBO series. I'm in love with it and having been recommending it to everyone. Of course, I've only gotten through the first book and about 10% of the second one, but they're interesting so I have to force myself to stop reading them at night. Man, it makes me miss those summer days when I could stay up the entire night to finish a book.

-We got our beautiful wedding album back from Lauren. Matt has to keep reminding me to not carry it around everywhere to show people. But with pictures so gorgeous, how can you not look at them all the time!?

-Diet has been pretty off for me lately and working out hasn't been so hot either, but I'm working on it. I've been obsessively drinking my water, so that's at least one good habit I'm keeping. The stress of waiting for phone calls is getting to me, so I need to focus on funneling energy into working out instead of eating!

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