I'm so glad you're here! Closing went incredibly smoothly yesterday and we were all out and on our way home by 5:15pm. My staff was on top of everything they needed to do and communicated really well. It was pretty fabulous. I ended up coming home, eating a bag of popcorn and then passing out by about 10pm. Even through everything went smoothly, it was still exhausting.

Today was pretty relaxing. I did some Wii Fit this morning, gave Matt one of his Christmas presents (a new GPS), because he scored a part-time job doing tutoring work in New London, and then headed to the chiropractor. The new chiro is the best I've been to since I left WashPa and Webb and Associates. Right now she's working on getting the muscles in back to actually loosen and is giving me strengthening exercises to work on my core and lower back. If I want to get pregnant eventually, I need to get my hip problems under control or I'll be in a  lot of pain. Anyway, she's been great and she is also a nutritionist. I dropped off my food diary from the past 2 and a half days with her today, which she'll run through her program and then give me a nutritional analysis from. Then she'll help me a design a diet that works for me. Hopefully it will help!

We finished up some Christmas shopping today, then went to Copperwood Grill, a new restaurant in New London to have a late lunch. I had the fish chips which was delicious, but humongous. I only ended up eating a quarter of it and still took half of it home after Matt nibbled on it. We've only been there twice, but I love the ambience of the restaurant and would love to go for happy hour a couple of times. I made two batches of fudge when we got home and now I'm exhausted and debating whether I should go to bed or try to power through so I'm not wide awake at 4am.

We're heading to NEPA tomorrow to spend Christmas with my parents, then we're back on the 26th to just enjoy the quiet time and relax. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

12/23/2010 18:34

Love your blog! I've dabbled in blogging a couple times but never stuck with it. I hope you keep it up because I really like your writing style :)


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