Finally back on the blog train! Here are some recaps:

Thursday: Newbie training. We had a great group of new staff members who asked great questions and really enjoyed being there. It was so great to see my staff members and welcome the new ones in during our staff meeting that night. We did pizza for dinner and I made sure I limited myself to two pieces. I'm sure I could have eaten more, but I knew 1. I needed to save pizza for my staff and 2. I didn't need them. I wasn't hungry when I got home although I was stressed. I was exhausted and Matt was exhausted and I didn't get anywhere near fully packed before collapsing into bed.

Friday: Woke up to snow in the morning. We knew we weren't going to get out of here until they sanded the hill, so I was able to pack a little bit more leisurely before we hit the road around 10am. The drive wasn't that bad. We stopped at a cute little restaurant called Ciao in NJ and had amazing bread and pasta. Not whole wheat unfortunately, but very obviously made fresh. We finally made it to Meg and Adrian's around 5pm or so and chatted with Meg for awhile. We finally got dressed to head to the rehearsal dinner. In the course of the 15 minute drive there, every single one of my siblings and my parents, called my phone to find out where we were because we were 10 minutes late. Needless to say, they were happy we arrived. The dinner was at the White Rose in York. We had a set meal so I didn't get to try out a hot stone meal, but my chicken was really good. Of course, my brother's groomsman made it their intention to get him thoroughly hammered. Between shots, fraternity brother songs and icing, he was guaranteed to be sick. We convinced Lauren to do a shot too, but she was good and only had one. I had been in contact with Carly all night about meeting her out and we stuck around after everyone left to wait for her. It was soooooo good to see's been well over a year! We hung out until almost midnight, then Matt took me to Sheetz so I could get a snack. Sadly, he knew exactly what I wanted before I even asked. I guess my Sheetz orders are predictable. It doesn't get any better than Sheetz though. :)

Saturday: Despite the copious amounts of Woodchuck I had the night before, I woke up feeling pretty good. We went to a diner for breakfast with Meg and Adrian, then went to the beer distributor so Matt could buy cases of "good" beer. We walked out with cases of Magner's, LBC Variety Pack, ABC Variety Pack and Yuengling Bock. Needless to say, we're thinking about doing a beer tasting. We loaded everything into the car, then headed to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. The room was great and we were fairly close to family. Megan did my hair quickly and then Matt and I headed to the venue to check in with Sean and situate seating. The ceremony started at 4pm and was short, sweet and to the point. Lauren and her bridesmaids looked beautiful. The lighting was great for using my parents' camera and I got some beautiful shots of her. Unfortunately, they're all on my parents' computer and not mine, so I don't get to show them off. We went up to the house at the site to take family pictures, then went back down to go to the cocktail hour before they announced the bridal party and dinner started. The DJ was good and had people dancing all night. I toasted my brother like he toasted me at my wedding...although there were a lot less tears! After returning to the hotel, then rest of the night was not as fun for Matt, but I won't embarrass him here. I wandered between my parents' room and down to mine until about midnight, when I finally fell asleep.

Sunday: We got up around 9:30 and I sent Matt back to the venue with my Dad to pick up our cars. I finished packing and we loaded our car, said goodbye to people and headed to Carlisle to meet Matt's parents. I had invited Kate, but forgot to tell her what time, so we ended up just being the four of us. We had a leisurely lunch with Rick and Diane, then headed to Sheetz to get gas before getting on the road to Easton to visit Sean and Laura. It was so great to see them! The hard part about living in Connecticut is not being as near to our friends. Their condo is cute and very them. They're getting married at the end of August so we talked wedding plans and we had roasted chicken and vegetables for dinner. I tried parsnips! They were actually pretty yummy. I'll have to try out some new recipes for them. We got home around 10pm and our house was a disaster and we were too exhausted to deal with it, so we just went to bed.

Monday: Back to the grind. But it started with a pleasant surprise! Lauren sent us the link to our wedding photos! They are gorgeous and I'm so happy with them. I can't wait to begin planning the album and thinking about prints. I had lots of meetings all day then headed to the chiropractor that night. Some new exercises (wall sits and bridges) and I mentioned that I was sad I wasn't going to get to run in Fairfield at the end of June and she thinks it's something I might actually be able to do! Fairfield is pretty far away and requires a hotel stay, so I think I may find a race closer to New Lo. Matt was awesome and did a bunch of laundry, but I'm looking forward to having time this weekend to really clean.

Today was another busy day, but accomplished. I'm working on the Women's Center Retreat tomorrow and I have another Info Session for Selection and then V-Day

01/26/2011 04:41

Sounds like one heck of a whirlwind weekend! I like Scheetz, too, and I love me some Woodchuck too. I tried the raspberry flavor when I was in Kentucky this fall - yummy!! Too bad it doesn't come in the assorted flavor pack I can get here at our beer distributor.

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