Tonight, I had a pound of bay scallops in my refrigerator. We bought them after Matt went on a tirade about local grocery stores not having local seafood and made him buy them anyway. I went looking for food apps on the iPhone and found a recipe for Lemon Butter Bay Scallops. It was a fairly simple recipe, saute the scallops, keep warm on a plate, then brown the butter, add lemon juice and parsley and serve. Of course, we can't just do things simply in the Bunn household, so we made pasta and Matt toasted breadcrumbs and added some chopped caramelized onions to the breadcrumbs, then we mixed it all together. It was delicious!
And a Magner's for good measure. It was really delicious. I had every intention of measuring out my 2 ounces of pasta, but Matt ended up serving me and he has a much heavier hand. This is about half of what he originally handed me. I'm estimating at 3-4 ounces here. This is the StopnShop whole grain pasta which is actually pretty good and doesn't feel like crunchy like a lot of whole grain/whole wheat pastas do. I'll definitely buy it again!

We watched Bizarre Foods tonight and he was in NEPA for two segments. In the first segment, he was with the guys from Pennsylvania Outdoor Life from WNEP! Matt did not quite understand my excitement. It's nice to see people you recognize when you're far from home! Then we turned on Biggest Loser because he was grossing me out. I'm still not a fan of this session of Biggest Loser and I'm not sure why.

I've been reading about people doing banana softserve for awhile, so we decided to try it tonight. Matt likes to use the blender for things like this, but I was pretty sure he was going to go looking for the food processor, which he ended up doing. It was pretty simple. Two bananas, a tablespoon of Nutella, process. It really does look and taste like soft serve ice cream!
We're in for an icy mix tomorrow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day, but hopefully with power! I'm going to keep the lantern by our bed tonight just in case we need it. Time to head to bed, just in case I do need to head to work tomorrow!

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