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Do you have a city? Even if you grew up in backwoods nowhere, a city that you feel comfortable in no matter what? Growing up in Wayne County, I was 2 hours away from both NYC and Philadelphia. We didn't go to either city very often (Dad hates Philadelphia with a burning passion) and I only went to NYC for school trips while in high school. I love both best friend lives in NYC and I have tons of friends in Philly. But Pittsburgh....Pittsburgh is my home.

I only lived in WashPA for two years, but being 30 minutes from a major city was life changing. I loved going to the Strip District on Saturday's, exploring the Carnegie museums, having easy access to three major universities (Pitt, CMU and Duquesne) and going out on Carson Street. Primanti Brothers, the original Quaker State wings, and good beer. And of course, the best part, my beautiful niece and nephew live just outside the city. One day we'll get back there.

Today was wonderful and lazy. Woke up late, made pancakes for breakfast, cleaned up a bit (aka actually unpacked the suitcase), sat around for an hour trying to decide what to make for dinner and headed to the chiro.

Speaking of chiro, we talked about the nutritional plan. I apparently eat a ridiculous amount of carbs. Like 300 grams when I should be eating less than 100 to get back to a healthy weight. What can I say, I love bread! So here's the plan:

1800-2220 Calories/day
Less than 58 grams of fat/day
Less than 19 grams of saturated fat/day
Less than 100 grams of carbs/day
45-65 grams of protein/day
Less than 300mg of Cholesterol per day

We're starting slow....I have this plan and I know the numbers I need, so we're going to implement change a little bit at a time. Today's change: Eat a piece of fruit before each meal, at least one serving of vegetables a day, and take 20 minutes to eat. Did you know it takes 20 minutes for your body to figure out that you've eaten and to send signals to your brain that you're full? I don't think I know what full feels like unless I'm overly stuffed. I imagine I'll figure it out soon enough.

For dinner we made a roast beef, Chipolte Smashed Sweet Potatoes, a baked potato for me and green beans with garlic and almonds. I also popped a bottle of Clyde's Spiced Apple Wine, which was incredibly delicious. Definitely a reason to go back when they re-open in May. (As if the cider donuts were not enough!)

The plan for tomorrow is laundry, taking down Christmas decorations and deep cleaning my kitchen. As in pulling everything out of the cupboards and cleaning. It will be gross, but so worth it.

I think that's all for the night. I'm off to read more on the Kindle (the thing is addictive!) and head to bed.


12/30/2010 17:08

They say that eating an apple before every meal helps you feel fuller faster. The same goes for drinking a large glass of water. Might help with your 20 minute trick.


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